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Businesses often employ people who are “key” to the success of the business operation. These employees may be so vital to the business that their death would cause a significant economic loss. The key person employee may possess certain skills, talents, experience or business relationships that would be costly, difficult or impossible to find in a new employee.

You can insure the key employee with a Key Person Life Insurance policy to protect your business in the event of their untimely death. The business typically would own the policy and the business would be the beneficiary of the proceeds. This Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) can receive the death benefit and may be free of federal income tax*.

Trudeau & Associates are brokers of life insurance and can offer some fifty (50) insurance companies for you with no preference for any one company. It is our mission to match the right insurance company to your Key Person Insurance needs to protect your company against economic loss in the event of death of the key employee.

We typically meet with you to perform a needs analysis in order to design a plan for you. Our fact-find meetings are purely for informational reasons and not for sales purposes. There is no additional charge to perform this service.

Call Trudeau & Associates today to set an appointment with an experienced life insurance specialist regarding your Key Person Insurance needs. You will receive professional service and expert advice as part of our process without additional fees.

* Certain requirements exist for COLI in order to maintain federal tax-free status; Trudeau & Associates does not give tax advice. Please obtain income tax details regarding COLI from your tax advisor.

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