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Many upper-income people desire to plan for tax-free* income during retirement. Roth IRA’s can provide this feature, but they are limited in size and may be incapable of providing adequate income for the owner during retirement. However, a Non-Qualified Retirement Plan can be sized to accept much more funding than a Roth IRA and also provides tax-free* income that is highly desirable for the upper-income person for maintaining their lifestyle during retirement.

The Non-Qualified Retirement Plan is funded with after-tax dollars, grows tax-deferred and can provide tax-free* income. The vehicle used for this plan is a permanent life insurance policy, often a Universal Life Insurance Policy, which also provides a death benefit. The tax advantages contained within this type of contract make them highly desirable for retirement cash accumulation, tax-deferred growth and tax-free* income during retirement. Certain requirements exist to maintain a tax-free* income status.

The policy can be over-funded to certain limits imposed by the IRS in order to maintain favorable tax status. If you would like to arrange for a tax-free* income during your retirement, then contact Trudeau & Associates for an illustration.

Trudeau & Associates are brokers of life insurance and can offer some fifty (50) insurance companies for you with no preference for any one company. It is our mission to match the right insurance company to your needs for tax-advantaged income using a life insurance policy as the vehicle to obtain the tax advantages inherent to this type of contract.

We typically meet with you to perform a needs analysis in order to design a plan for you. Our fact-find meetings are purely for informational reasons and not for sales purposes. There is no additional charge to perform this service.

Call Trudeau & Associates today to set an appointment with an experienced life insurance specialist regarding your tax-advantaged retirement income. You will receive professional service and expert advice as part of our process without additional fees.

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